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Urgent Care is providing walk-in care for non-respiratory conditions from 12 - 3:30 p.m weekdays and (all Urgent Care conditions – both respiratory and non-respiratory) 9 am - 1 pm on Saturdays and Sundays. 

Appointments are available for respiratory conditions, weekday evenings from 4:30 to 7:30 pm. You must have an appointment for the weekday evening hours. Call 952-469-0500 to discuss your symptoms and we will help determine the best location if you need to be seen. After hours, call your clinic, and talk with the after-hours nurse. If an emergency, go to Emergency Department. 

    Common Conditions Treated at Urgent Care

    • Allergic reactions (non-life threatening)
    • Asthma (Mild to moderate)
    • Back Pain (new onset)
    • Burns or Bruises (minor)
    • Bleeding, cuts that might require stitches
    • Cold or flu symptoms
    • Cough / Pneumonia
    • Dehydration (mild)
    • Diarrhea
    • Ear infections
    • Eye infections (pinkeye)
    • Fevers (Infants over 3 months of age - Adults)
    • Foreign object in the eye or nose
    • Headaches (minor)
    • Nausea and Vomiting
    • Rash, Poison Ivy
    • Sinus infections
    • Sore Throat
    • Sprains and broken bones
    • Urinary tract infections

    Quality Medical Care

    When a non-emergency illness or injury strikes outside of regular clinic hours or you can’t get an appointment when you need it, Urgent Care offers an alternative to long waits in metro hospital emergency rooms. Urgent Care Lakeville located in the Lakeville Clinic, offers high-quality immediate care faster and at a lower cost than a hospital emergency department.

    No Appointment Necessary. Walk-ins Welcome – You Don't Need to be a Current Patient. 

    Urgent Care Lakeville is staffed by Northfield Hospital providers experienced in emergency medicine and trauma stabilization. Their experience leads to timely diagnoses, and referral if needed. They treat most injuries and illnesses with no appointment needed. Adults and children are seen in our comfortable clinic location. The scope of service is greater than that of a retail minute clinic, but more cost-effective and timely than a visit to a hospital emergency department.

    When To Seek Urgent Care

    If you are ill or injured and your condition is not life threatening, Urgent Care is the right choice. Because we are staffed with experienced providers, we offer more services than your typical minute clinic and at a lower cost than an emergency department. Conditions commonly treated in Urgent Care settings include: minor accidents and falls, sprains, rashes, minor cuts, ear infections, eye infections, sinus infections, urinary tract infections, high fever, respiratory infections, cold, flu, migraines, nausea or vomiting, diarrhea, sore throat or cough.

    Urgent Care Q & A

    When should I go to the emergency department?

    Difficulty in breathing, unconsciousness, severe bleeding, severe abdominal pain, poisoning, chest pain or pressure, moderate to severe burns, convulsions or seizures, serious head, neck, or back injury, loss of limb or severe broken bone.

    Is Urgent Care open on holidays?

    Urgent care is open some holidays. Alerts are posted for each holiday, hours may vary. 

    Who will care for me?

    Urgent Care Lakeville is staffed by Northfield Hospital providers with experience in emergency medicine and trauma stabilization. 

    How long will I have to wait?

    Our goal is to have you consulting with a doctor within 15 minutes of your arrival. Wait times will depend on the volume of patients at the time you arrive at Urgent Care. We offer an alternative to long waits in metro hospital emergency rooms and urgency rooms.

    How do I find Urgent Care Lakeville?

    Urgent Care Lakeville is located at the corner of Jacquard Avenue and CR 70, close to Lakeville South High School.

    • From the North I-35 or Dodd Boulevard to CR 70 to Jacquard Avenue.
    • From the South Cedar Avenue or I-35 north to CR 70 to Jacquard Avenue.
    • From the East or West CR 70 to Jacquard Avenue.

    Do I need to be a patient at the clinic to use the urgent care service?

    No. Urgent Care Lakeville is open to anyone in need of urgent care.

    What health insurance plans do you accept?

    Urgent Care Lakeville accepts all major health plans.

    Can I use Urgent Care for all my health care needs?

    Urgent care is not meant to be a replacement for developing a relationship with a primary care provider. Chronic conditions are best treated by your primary care provider. If you do not have a clinic or provider, we would be happy to schedule an appointment with one of our health care providers. An urgent care center is a convenient option when illness or injury strikes outside of regular office hours, your regular provider is on vacation or unable to offer a timely appointment. 


    Urgent Care Lakeville

    (952) 469-0500
    Monday - Friday 12 p.m. to 8 p.m.
    Saturday -Sunday 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.
    9974 214th St. West, Lakeville, Minnesota 55044
    Lakeville Urgent Care Entrance