Breastfeeding: Is my baby getting enough to eat?

January 17, 2024
Smiling woman breastfeeding baby

Have a hungry baby? Moms who are new at breastfeeding want to be sure their baby is getting enough to eat. Watch for these clues, suggests NH+C’s certified lactation consultant Jennifer Kleine, RN, IBCLC.

  • Watch your baby’s hands. They may be clenched and tight before feeding, and will relax as baby’s tummy fills up. 
  • How many diapers? For the first week, expect the number of wet and dirty diapers to increase each day. Then, watch for about 8 wet or dirty diapers per day until Baby is one month old. (Poop usually slows down after that . . . something to look forward to.)
  • How does Mom feel? Once her milk is in, breasts should feel full before nursing, and softer afterwards.

 Want more reassurance? Our lactation consultant can help you:

  • check baby’s positioning and latch
  • discuss ideas to stimulate Mom’s milk production
  • feel more confident about how much baby is eating, by weighing baby before and after feeding 

Meet with the lactation consultant to get one-on-one coaching, discuss problems, and get answers to your questions. Appointments: (507) 646-1216 

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